NEWSLETTER #8: NIKE Gold Digging scandal, World’s Most Expensive T-Shirt, Reagan Propaganda and more fun…


Gold Digging Nike controversial t-shirt.

NIKE Gold Digging scandal

Nike faces backlash over gold digging scandal

Nope, Nike wasn’t accused of exploiting gold miners in developing countries, paying them low wages, exposing them to dangerous working conditions thus starting the Third and Fourth World Wars at the same time… 

But, all we can say is that:

Men can marry well too…

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The Most Expensive T-Shirt In The World Diamond Studded Shirt.

The Most Expensive T-Shirt In The World💎

Fashion lovers who love to flush money down the toilet 💸, get ready to drool over this one…

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Ronald Reagan FIGHTS Communism… with a T-Shirt
(This is actually a real image. Not a photoshop job)

Was it a propaganda tool to colonize Central America?$..

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The History of the T-Shirt (James Dean plain white tee)

The History of the T-shirt: From Undershirt to Iconic Fashion Staple

Is it James Dean or Marlon Brando pre-Godfather, 200 pounds leaner?..

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