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World’s Oldest Hypebeast

World's Oldest Hypebeast

Old dude rocking an overpriced Supreme hat, Louis Vuitton sweatshirt and sweatpants, and a pair of OFF-WHITE x Nike sneakers.

His name is “Gramps” Alojz Abram, he is 78 years young and has an impressive Instagram account with 2 million followers @jaadiee


F.T.K. (Fuck Them Kids)

F.T.K. (Fuck Them Kids) Michael Jordan

F.T.K. (Fuck Them Kids) Nike and Air Jordan inspirational photo quote from Michael Jordan. “Fuck dem kids” is a also classic line delivered by comedian and actor Bernie Mac in the 2008 comedy “Soul Men”.

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NEWSLETTER #8: NIKE Gold Digging scandal, World’s Most Expensive T-Shirt, Reagan Propaganda and more fun…


Gold Digging Nike controversial t-shirt. PYGear.com

NIKE Gold Digging scandal

Nike faces backlash over gold digging scandal

Nope, Nike wasn’t accused of exploiting gold miners in developing countries, paying them low wages, exposing them to dangerous working conditions thus starting the Third and Fourth World Wars at the same time… 

But, all we can say is that:

Men can marry well too…

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The Most Expensive T-Shirt In The World Diamond Studded Shirt. PYGear.com

The Most Expensive T-Shirt In The World💎

Fashion lovers who love to flush money down the toilet 💸, get ready to drool over this one…

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Ronald Reagan FIGHTS Communism… with a T-Shirt
(This is actually a real image. Not a photoshop job)

Was it a propaganda tool to colonize Central America?$..

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The History of the T-Shirt (James Dean plain white tee) PYGear.com

The History of the T-shirt: From Undershirt to Iconic Fashion Staple

Is it James Dean or Marlon Brando pre-Godfather, 200 pounds leaner?..

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Controversial Nike GOLD DIGGING shirt

Gold Digging Nike controversial t-shirt. PYGear.com

Gold Digging nike controversial shirt. PYGear.com

With the introduction of a t-shirt with the phrase “Gold Digging” emblazoned in bright, gold lettering, Nike sparked criticism. The shirt, which was a part of Nike’s “Sportswear” range, drew criticism on social media. Many people accused the company of endorsing misogyny and celebrating consumerism.

The backlash was immediate, with many demanding that Nike be boycotted and that the garment be taken off the shelves. In response, Nike apologised for any harm the shirt may have caused and said it would remove the item from its physical shops and online marketplaces. 

While Nike’s intention with the shirt may not have been to promote misogyny or glorify materialism, the phrase “Gold Digging” has long been used as a derogatory term to describe women who are perceived as being interested in men solely for their money. As such, the use of the phrase on a shirt marketed to a wide audience was seen as highly inappropriate and offensive. 😟

Trigger WARNING Explicit Content sticker. PYGear.com

In today’s society, it is more important than ever for companies to be mindful of the messages they are promoting and the potential impact they may have on their audience. Nike’s decision to pull the controversial shirt was a step in the right direction, and a reminder that words and phrases can have a powerful impact and should be used with care. 🧐


Anna Nicole Smith gold digger extraordinaire. PYGear.com
Gold digger extraordinaire Anna Nicole Smith used her magnificent assets to marry a 89 years old and collect $449,754,134.00 at his death. 💰💰💰

But since here on PYGear.com, we don’t care about politically correctness and roughing some feathers from time to time. We created and offered the infamous tee up for sale. Evidently we didn’t included the trademarked Nike swoosh into our design.

Britney Spears grabbing Kevin Federline's crotch. PYGear.com
Britney Spears grabbing Kevin Federline by the crotch. K-Fed won custody of the kids, got a $200,000 monthly allowance for his trouble. Not too bad, getting paid to lay Britney. Sounds like a dream job to me. 😍

Our version of the Gold Digging t-shirt is also available in unisex. Since gold digging is not only reserved to Anna Nicole Smith, Heather Mills and Donald Trump’s wives. Men can marry well too! Some famous examples of men “marrying money” are politicians John McCain and John Kerry, Kevin Federline, and J-Lo ex-husband/waiter Ojani Noa. 🤑

Any way, whether you’re a man or a woman you should wear this shirt with pride or as a joke. Or simply offer it as a gag gift. 😂