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Algebra Class 🤓

I’ve never used this algebra crap. So useless that I can’t even remember what it...

Boring Chainsaw Pun🙄

So I ordered a chainsaw online…  No comments.  Was it supposed to be funny?  Not...

Winston Churchill on tax

For a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing...

Hooking Up with a Sheep🐑

It looks like this…😕

Baby Shield

A great gift idea for new parents

Leaving like a boss

Leaving your job like a boss (Kardashian style)

Quarantine Forever

So do I👍

Creamy White Finishing Sauce

Just don’t ask how it’s made.

Handjob Millionaire

Saved millions!🤑

Feeling Happy and Sad at the same time

Husband: It says here that it’s impossible to feel happy and sad at the same...

Cooking with POO💩👩‍🍳

Best selling cooking book: Cooking with Poo💩😂

Your Dream Job

Jerry’s living the dream.

No More Blowjobs – New Year Resolution🎉

Apparently, some people suck at resolutions…

Whipped Bro Tattoo

That’s a pussy whipped man.

How To Sleep Well book ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The book ‘How To Sleep Well’ seems to be instantly effective😴

Blowjob Reward for her lost cat😻

Woman offers blowjob as reward for her lost cat.😻  

TOM HANKS is Immortal

TOM HANKS Survived 4 years in an island alone. A whole year inside an airport...

Stoner Elf Name

My stoner elf name is Hoots Cinnablunts

Do You Smoke?

Are you a non smoker, a cigarette smoker or a stoner?

Money Can Buy You Weed

Money can’t buy you love but it can buy you weed.

Shut The Fuck Up You’re Not My Dad – Bang Energy

With 600 mg of caffeine (300 gr in each can of Bang Energy) you’ll most...


When you spend weeks working on a strategy to beat the casino only to lose...

Let It Snow – Le Tits Now ugly sweater meme

Iconic Misreadings Of SNL “Celebrity Jeopardy” Categories Get Your LE TITS NOW Ugly Sweatshirt  

A Sign for Stevie Wonder to See😎

What a dumbass! Stevie Wonder is blind.😂

Masturbator vs Abstainer

FYI. (From an 1875 book called “The Sexual System and its Derangements.”) If this crap...

Michael Jackson from

Michael Wackson😂😂😂😂  I hope he doesn’t pay more than 0.99 for this crap!!🪙

Puck Bunnies on Social Media🐰🏒

Which one is yours?  

Redoing the deck skeleton meme💀🦴

It’s actually a great idea!👍😀


It’s actually a really good idea!  

THE WEEKLY DIGEST (2024-02-24)

Memes, Memes, Memes. I love memes.👍😁  Stay tuned for this week Newsletter.  A lot of...

Hillary Clinton loose hole

Hillary Clinton loose hole vs Chloe Grace Morentz tight hole. The world according to Bill...

2 Girls 1 Cup💩

2 Girls 1 Cup Netflix remake – Both Amber Heard and Mia Khalifa are method...

Construction Site Bathrooms

Does anyone else wank themselves silly in the toilets at work?

Dickhead #2

Here’s Dickhead #1.

Japanese male porn actors shortage

70 male porn actors for 10,000 female porn stars. I love those numbers!!!🤩 143 women...

Mr. Drinks On Me

Too strong! This guy knows what he’s talking about!👍

Back To The Past: the 3 Piece Stereo

The 3 Piece Stereo was a staple in the room of every Gen X –...

F1 drivers in 1976 vs F1 drivers in 2021

James Hunt (at left) was a real badass and a world-class womanizer. Don’t know about...