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Our goal is to deliver the most entertaining and useful content for our audience. Doing so we currently accept guest bloggers to submit articles.

The Requirements For Writing For Us:

  • 100% ORIGINAL and unique content not published anywhere else.
  • Your article must be well written, contains short paragraphs, and should have a clear focus on our audience.
  • Your article should abide to our content policy.
  • Once you sent the article, we will check it and let you know if it’s been published or not.
  • Please be aware that we take guest posting seriously and appreciate well-written quality content to Please Our Audience.
  • We do not accept content has been published elsewhere.
  • We do not accept botched or copied content.
  • We do not publish affiliate links.
  • We do not publish any links to irrelevant sites that promote criminal or legally questionable activity.
  • We do not publish press releases.

Topics We Cover:

  • Celebrity Fashion, hypebeast, sneakerheads, urban streetwear. Anything that could be pertinent for a T-Shirts eCommerce.
  • Heavy Metal music, lifestyle & fashion (from glam metal to black metal). Punk rock music, lifestyle & fashion. Hip hop, rap, gangsta rap music, lifestyle & fashion.
  • Subculture related to each style. Examples outlaw bikers, Skinheads, street gangs, Bloods, Crips, Juggalos, etc.
  • Tattoos, body piercings… Anything that can be related to punk, heavy metal, and rap.
  • Rock n’ roll tales of debauchery.
  • Movies, TV series, and documentaries on the above topics.

Please, make sure to read our content policy before submitting any content.

Content Policy:

  • Only quality and relevant content to our audience will be accepted.
  • We will not republish anything that’s been published elsewhere.
  • Plagiarized contents and contents with grammatical or spelling errors will be disapproved.
  • We will not publish any links to irrelevant sites that promote criminal or legally questionable activity.
  • If applicable, add relevant and useful images, graphics or infographics that are loyalty free and provide the source.
  • You should place adequate and correct reference links in the blogs you send to us. Links cannot be changed or updated later for any reasons. The contextual reference links should add value to the reader and should not be used to manipulate SEO.

How articles are published:

If you feel ready to provide value to our audience. Please contact us with the email below and provide:

  • Any inquiries.

If accepted, send the following:

  • Your completed post as a Google Doc.
  • Image files in a separate folder. A 1200 x 628 px featured image if applicable.
  • Each post will be manually reviewed by our editorial team before publishing.
  • If approved, your contents will be published as soon as possible.

Post-publication reserved rights and duties:

  • We cannot allow you to republish your guest post to your own blog or any other platform after we have published it. However, you are encouraged to share it with your social media audience and everywhere you can.
  • We reserve the right to edit and adapt your guest blog content as we see fit and update it in the future for accuracy and comprehensiveness.
  • We reserve the right to include relevant links within our blogs to articles.
  • We reserve the right to add rel=”nofollow” to any link or remove a link at any time, before or after an article is published.


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