Never trust a fart💩

Shit happens!

Lockdown Haircuts

Which one was yours?

Dumb Ass Criminal

This retard turned himself in to get the reward 😂😂🤣

Looks Like a Giant…🐓

Looks like a giant cock isn’t it?!

Other Side JACKASS shirt Stone Cold Steve Austin

Other Side JACKASS Sticker Pack just like the Other Side JACKASS shirt worn by Stone...

Newborn Celebration Cake👶💩🍰

Fucking disgusting💩 but, I must admit, a piece of Art.🎨🤢🤮

We All Grew Up Watching Their Films. Our Favorite Action Heroes.🥊💪🥋🐓

Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, and Ron Jeremy.  

COVID-19 Vegan dinner meme🥕🥦🫛🥬🫘🍅

How convenient it is to “test” positive to COVID-19.😄

I’m Very Vulnerable Right Now If Any Goth Girls Would Like To Take Advantage Of Me T-Shirt

I’m Very Vulnerable Right Now If Any Goth Girls Would Like To Take Advantage Of...

Wanking Festival🤣😄

Count me in 🤣😄

Women calling Lizzo beautiful and inspiring vs Women when you tell them they look like Lizzo meme

Women calls Lizzo beautiful BUT they don’t want to look like her!?🤯

Piper Perri vs Francis Ngannou

Don’t let her size fool you! Piper Perri has finished multiple guys the size of...

Piper Perri takes on 5 men

Piper Perri is 4’9″, 81 lbs     🍩Piper Perri vs Francis Ngannou🐓

Pentagon Hexagon Octagon MoneyGone📉

A sad reality than many crypto traders, day traders, and NFT buyers have to face.📉

Make A Woman Cum For Once feminist T-shirt

Make A Woman Cum For Once (Red Font maga parody) feminist shirt.


FUCK BITCHES Get MoneY. One dollar bill meme.💵💰

I Never Lose (Virginity)

“I haven’t lost my virginity because I never lose.” – Young Asian eager to succeed

Do Masturbation Count As Cardio?

Tomorrow I’m going to the gym… I hope masturbation count as cardio. 🤨

There Is No Hope T-Shirt

There is no hope. It’s fucked. Everything is ruined, All is lost. We’re doomed. Nothing...

THE WEEKLY DIGEST (2024-02-17)

The very best Meme ever LMFAO😂😂🤣🤣 unusually offensive Birthday cakes🍰 Roblaw$ the grocery giant who...


I Am Allergic To People T-Shirts and stickers are the very best way to be...

Meme Historian

When people ask what is my job…

Rimjob meme

Even God can be clueless…❓

Halloween Nightmare Of A Haunting Past… and Present

The affro bearded gal is truly frightening!😨😱

Greetings from your big sister🖕

Maybe she didn’t wanted a newborn into the family?!  

Cigarette Birthday Cake🚬🍰

Cigarette Birthday Cake aka Worst Birthday Cake Ever aka Most Disgusting Cake Ever

I’m Done – One Dollar Bill meme 💵

The one dollar meme indeed. Since this meme probably ain’t worth more than one dollar.😜...

Loblaws Roblaws Roblaw$ parody merch🔫🛒

Roblaw$ Roblaws Live Life Hungry Ideal shirts, stickers, and eco tote bags for your next...

Micropenis Condom

Your cock!?


Get aboard the SUCK A DICK Bus.

Divorce Selfie (legit)

When divorcing is a very good thing.

NEWSLETTER #65: 🍩99 Donuts🍩 Shameless Promos👕 eye candiES at the end🍭😀

This Week features: 99 Donuts instead of 99 Problems🍩 Shameless Promos👕 scroll til the end...

Bad Pussy Eater

Most men sucks at pussy eating. No pun intended, for once.

An orgasm? What is it?

An orgasm? What is it? I never had one.

Already late… But a sudden urge to poo💩

Best Meme Of The Day. Period. Bar none. Mike drop.😂😂🤣🤣


Your dad just wanted to fuck. LMFAO 😂🤣

Cannibalism would solve both overpopulation and world hunger

Thinking about it.🤔 This makes perfect sense.🤓

Would you like you if you met you?

Would you? Good question.

Words Can’t Describe How Handsome You Are. But Numbers Can

Words can’t describe how handsome you are. But unfortunately for you, numbers can. You’re a...

Subtitles are movies’ boobs📺👀

I can’t remember Susan Sarandon being that chesty.

Sorry You Were Ever Born

With a face like that. I can understand. 😂🤣

Netflix “Still Watching”📺😂

When the Netflix asks if you’re “still watching” and you see your reflection in the...

Best Valentine’s Day Cake Part 3❤️

I am divorcing you cake 🍰❤️😂🤣

Best Valentine’s Day Cake Part 2❤️

Funny Valentine’s Cake SUCK IT Dick cake 😂🤣

Best Valentine’s Day Cake Part 1❤️

Sorry I slept with your dad cake 😂🤣

Sucking dicks for money?..

Stay in school… The struggle is real. If you doesn’t want to end up sucking...

6ix9ine NIGGA NIGGA NIGGA shirt clothing line

Before becoming famous on Instagram and as a rapper, Tekashi 6ix9ine (Daniel Hernandez) tried to...