NEWSLETTER #5: MetallicA AlcoholicA, ORIGINAL BRO, SLAYER FU Ye and more fun

MetallicA AlcoholicA, ORIGINAL BRO, Slayer FU Ye and more fun.

Not that I drink, but it’s been an AlcoholicA week nonetheless.

Maybe because it’s Christmas Time?!

Best James Hetfield T-Shirts.

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MetallicA AlcoholicA Smirnoff Vodka. ☠💀 MetallicA AlcoholicA 🤘🤮 


After so much alcohol. What about a little weed?

Matt Riddle Original Bro Hat 420.

ORIGINAL BRO‘ Matt Riddle, the perfect pothead. Currently forced to go in rehab by WWE??? I thought 420 Bro was a gimmick based on his real-life?..


Polite As Fuck t-shirt Buy Me Brunch t-shirt.

Polite As Fuck, Buy Me Brunch. Why not!?

One thing remains…

FUCK KANYE WEST shirt Gary Holt Slayer Exodus.

Everybody hate Kanye West. Particularly Gary Holt of Slayer who also wants to kill the Kardashians.

Oups! I’ve almost forgot!


Have a nice week! 😉

PYGOD, Founder & MFCEO of

Stay tuned for more!



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