Best James Hetfield T-Shirts

Best James Hetfield T-Shirts.

A young and drunk James Hetfield used to wear some pretty interesting cut-off sleeves tee shirts in the early AlcoholicA days of MetallicA. ☠💀


1- I HAVE A DRINKING PROBLEM “I have 2 hands & only 1 mouth” T-Shirt

I HAVE A DRINKING PROBLEM I have 2 hands & only 1 mouth shirt as worn by James Hetfield MetallicA.

Probably my favorite T-shirt that James Hetfield ever wore. Slash used to wear one tooGET YOURS


2- D.A.M.M. Drunks Against Madd Mothers T-Shirt

Drunks Against Madd Mothers t-shirt as worn by James Hetfield MetallicA AlcoholicA.

Drunks Against Madd Mothers shirt. I have to admit, that’s a good one too.   GET YOURS


3- FSU Fuck Shit Up T-Shirt

FSU Fuck Shit Up shirt worn by James Hetfield of MetallicA.

FSU Fuck Shit Up.  GET YOURS



FUCK SHIT UP T-shirt as worn by James Hetfield Metallica.

FSU Fuck Shit Up seems to be a recurring theme for James Hetfield.  GET YOURS


5- FUCK OFF T-Shirt

FUCK OFF shirt as worn by James Hetfield MetallicA.

FUCK OFF cut-off sleeves shirt completed with skinny jeans, long hair, and probably a bullet belt for the perfect Thrash Metalhead look.   GET YOURS


6- Skull and Crossbones Muscle Shirt

James Hetfield Totenkopf, the skull and bones nazi ss skull shirt.

The classic badass thrash metal Skull and Crossbones shirt. Not without some woke shit controversy 30 years later.  GET YOURS


7- Top Hat Skull and Bones white tank top

MetallicA James Hetfield Top Hat Skull and Crossbones white tank top.

Get your hands on the ultimate Metallica fan clothing: the James Hetfield top hat skull tank top. 🤘  GET YOURS


James Hetfield old fart look.

As you can see, today James Hetfield looks like a regular old fart. Nonetheless, a really rich old fart… and sober.


Stay tuned for more T-Shirts as worn by James Hetfield!


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