Let’s Go Darwin meaning

Let's Go Darwin - Charles Darwin Portrait coffee mug.  PYGear.com

The meaning of “Let’s Go Darwin” is the answer to “Let’s Go Brandon” aka Fuck Joe Biden chants by the GOP Republicans.

Let's Go Brandon sticker.  PYGear.com

Let’s Go Darwin is a counterattack to the anti-vax, anti-max crowd. Most likely Republicans and Let’s Go Brandon #FJB (anti Biden) people.

Let's Go Darwin USA Flag version shirt.  PYGear.com

The late Charles Darwin is the scientist / biologist credited with the theory of evolution, natural selection, and the survival of the fittest.

Let's Go Darwin - Mankind Evolution t-shirt.  PYGear.com

So, logically, if you refuse a mask and a shot. Then “Let’s Go Darwin! Do your job.

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