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Social Distancing Baptism 🔫

Priest baptises baby using a water pistol during the Coronavirus pandemic. Priest + Watergun =...

Quarantine Forever

So do I👍

Lockdown Haircuts

Which one was yours?

COVID-19 Vegan dinner meme🥕🥦🫛🥬🫘🍅

How convenient it is to “test” positive to COVID-19.😄

January 2020 Fashion Trends Around the World

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Let’s Go Darwin meaning

Let’s Go Darwin – Charles Darwin Portrait  coffee mug The meaning of “Let’s Go Darwin”...

This Mask Is As Useless as Joe Biden Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

  ‘This Mask Is As Useless as Joe Biden’ facemask as worn by Republican U.S....

PYGOD Man defeating COVID-19. Flawless victory!

  PYGOD Man kicking COVID-19 to the moon. https://shop.spreadshirt.com/pygod/pygod+man Order now to be delivered by...

DEMOCRACIA face mask

31 May 2020, Brazil, Sao Paulo: A demonstrator critical of the government wears a face...

Blowjobs Kill Covid-19

Semen found to protect throat from virus. I’m all for it!😃