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Mom I'm Fine Jonathan Kubben travel influencer

Jonathan Kudden Quiñonez was a popular travel influencer who has made a name for himself on Instagram. His signature phrase, “MOM, I’M FINE,” has become an iconic slogan among his followers.

Jonathan’s journey as a travel influencer began in 2015 when he decided to quit his job as a lawyer, sold everything he had to pursue his passion for travel. He started sharing his travel experiences on Instagram and quickly gained a following. His captivating photos and videos of exotic destinations around the world were a hit among his audience.

It was during one of his trips that he came up with the slogan “MOM, I’M FINE.” Jonathan was exploring a remote part of the world, and his mother was worried about his safety. He sent her a photo with the caption “MOM, I’M FINE” to reassure her that he was okay. His followers found the caption amusing and started using it themselves.

As Jonathan’s popularity grew, so did the use of the “MOM, I’M FINE” slogan. It became a way for his followers to connect with him and show their support. Jonathan embraced the slogan and started incorporating it into his brand. He even created merchandise featuring the slogan, which further popularized it.

Today, Jonathan Kudden was one of the most influential travel bloggers on Instagram. He has over half a million followers on Instagram and has collaborated with major brands in the travel industry. He continues to travel the world and share his experiences with his followers, all while reassuring his mother and fans that he is always safe with his iconic phrase, “MOM, I’M FINE.


Mom I'm Fine slogan travel influencer Jonathan Quinonez


MOM, I’M FINE.” saying was popularized by travel influencer Jonathan Kubben but sold to the masses by Reitmans.

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