NEWSLETTER #24: Hippies vs Slayer

NEWSLETTER #24 Hippies vs Slayer

In Case Of Hippies... SLAYER Reign in Blood.


However, not all hippies are created equal…


James Hunt patches 'Sex Is A High Performance Thing' and the drunken cat 'Happiness Is A Tight Pussy'How the world has changed for the worse! Everything is more puritain these days! In the 1970s, British F1 driver/playboy/heavy drinker/chain smoker/party animal James Hunt used to wear pretty cool patches on his racing suit: Sex Is A Performance Thing and the drunken cat saying Happiness Is A Tight Pussy. Can’t see Lewis Hamilton with either of these on his very corporate race suit! He’d be crucified by the fans and press.

P.S. (Despite being considered a hippie, James Hunt was way too cool, and way too fast, to be chased away by Slayer – Reign In Blood.)



John Lennon Hippie God

John Lennon was the voice of the Hippie Generation

For all of his pro-working class slogan tees and his pro-peace signs. John Lennon was filthy rich and lived a rich lifestyle. And, from many accounts, John Lennon was a bad person. A violent man who preached peace and love. A $200 Million Dollars Man who “imagine” a world with no possessions or greed??? I guess we can call him an hypocrite!? Probably. But one thing for sure, John Lennon was a brilliant free-thinker and a very complex man.

Like all things in life. There are exceptions to every rule.

Maybe not all hippies are hateable or lovable?!


Whatever, I’m with Slayer all the way!!!




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