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2022 Rogue Invitational Dani Speegle Lifts 215LB Texas Oak Girls Who Eat Tank

2022 Rogue Invitational, Dani Speegle Lifts 215LB Texas Oak wearing a Girls Who Eat shirt


GIRLS WHO EAT tank Dani Speegle 2022 Rogue Invitational


Dani Elle Speegle is an American CrossFit athlete and fitness influencer. She gained recognition in the CrossFit community after starting her journey in September 2015, encouraged by her coach who saw her potential in the sport. Since then, Dani has achieved numerous accomplishments in her career, including winning the 2018 South East CrossFit Regionals.

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Dani Elle Speegle is known for her fierce competitive nature and dedication to her goals. She has become a highly reputable CrossFit athlete and is considered a rising star in the sport. Her physique and achievements have garnered attention, and she has also become a fitness influencer, inspiring others with her fitness journey.

Here are some details about Dani Elle Speegle:

  • Full Name: Dani Elle Speegle
  • Weight: 155 – 165 lbs (70.3 – 74.8 kg)
  • Height: 5’6″ (167.5 cm)
  • Age: 30
  • Date of Birth: January 10, 1993
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: CrossFit Athlete, Fitness Influencer

Dani Elle Speegle has set personal records in various CrossFit exercises, including:

  • Back Squat: 295 lbs
  • Clean and Jerk: 220 lbs
  • Snatch: 205 lbs
  • Deadlift: 310 lbs
  • Fight Gone Bad score: 312
  • Max Pull-Ups: 30
  • Fran time: 3.30
  • Grace time: 2:10

She has participated in CrossFit competitions, such as the CrossFit Open, where she achieved overall ranks in her division and region.

Dani Elle Speegle’s passion for athletics and sports started at a young age. She participated in activities like soccer and diving during her childhood, and later explored other sports like volleyball, track, and club volleyball during college. However, it was after discovering CrossFit in 2015 that she found her true calling and began excelling in the sport.

Overall, Dani Elle Speegle is a prominent figure in the world of CrossFit, known for her competitive spirit, physical achievements, and influence as a fitness role model. She is also dedicating herself to empowering women and promoting their self-esteem. That’s where the GIRLS WHO EAT shirt comes from!


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Dani Speegle eats Crumbl cookies

Dani Speegle pizza meme
A image of Speegle from the 2022 Games livestream went viral among CrossFit fans, and shows her gleefully chowing down on a piece of pizza, watching as a fellow athlete proposed to his girlfriend during the awards ceremony (“I was so in the moment. It was like reality TV,” she said of the shot).

Moral Of The Story:

If you want to be strong, you have to eat


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