Death Kwon Do book

Death Kwon Do, the ultimate martial art style as seen in “Death Punchies”, episode 4 season 1 of Regular Show.


What is Death Kwon Do?

Death Kwon Do is a martial arts style from an 80 paged Wide-Ruled notebook that the Sensai owns.

Death Kwon Do pelvic thrust of death

Death Kwon Do the death block


It is normally learned through training, and the Sensai has dedicated a school to teaching it, so it’s presumed that its techniques are usable without any help.

Rigby Death Kwon Do mullet cut-off jeans short
Rigby empowered by Death Kwon Do wearing the mandatory mullet and cut-off jean shorts.

However, one needs merely to possess a mullet, cut-off jean shorts, and a technique’s page from the Death Kwon Do book in order to perform that specific technique to its full extent. Which make you basically unbeatable and able to rule everybody around you. Until you met another Death Kwon Do practionner as seen in

Regular Show – Rigby Vs Mordecai (Death Kwon Do Battle)

Death Kwon Do is most likely based on Tae Kwon Do. The supposed teacher, Sensai, teaches the Death Kwon Do techniques from the book.

Death Kwon Do Sensai
Death Kwon Do Sensai


Harold Howard UFC meme mullet guy
The real-life Sensai is Harold Howard, UFC pionner/barroom bouncer/holder of 4 black belts in Jiu Jitsu & Karate.


Harold Howard UFC gif
Harold Howard showing off his lethal Death Kwon Do skills. Kind enough to intentionally miss his shot. Instead of violently decapitating his hapless opponent.


According to Sensai, Death Kwon Do is about fighting their inner darkness, such as for self-defenses, patiences and wisdoms.

Grand Master of Death Kwon Do kicking Mordecai and Rigby
Grand Master of Death Kwon Do kicking Mordecai and Rigby Season in Season Four episode “Sandwich of Death”. Admire his world-record length mullet. Long enough to make Bianca Belair jealous.

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