Best Christina Lucci bOObs Shirts

Best Christina Lucci bOObs shirts.

I guess that people clicking on this post are probably not here to buy a shirt. You are most likely here to see the assets of Mrs. Christina Lucci aka Christina Model. 👀

So I will make a short introduction of Mrs. Lucci.


Christina Lucci aka Christina Model

Born May 15, 1985 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
5’3″, 121 lbs, 34DD-23-35
34E (75E) (same as DD cup) Natural breasts. I know they look bigger.

In 2006, Christina Lucci became an anonymous Internet phenomenon after posing for a t-shirt site, wearing slogans such as “Not everything is flat in Florida” and “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, hate me because I have huge boobs.“. As the t-shirts did not contain any information about her, those slogans (mostly the first – tank top – one) became the search terms of choice.

I didn’t sized down the images, so you can clearly see the text on the shirt.😉 

You gotta give what the people want.



Not Everything Is Flat in Florida - Christina Lucci.

“Not everything is flat in Florida” became the official gOOgle search phrases to find Mrs. Lucci. We can say that this tank top made her famous.  GET YOURS maybe you’ll get famous too.


2- Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful, Hate Me Because I Have Huge Boobs T-Shirt

Christina Lucci Model big tits model.

Why would anybody hate you?  GET YOURS


3- <TITS> </TITS> Tank Top

Christina Lucci TITS TITS shirt.

Yes indeed!  GET YOURS


4- Look At My Chest When I’m Talking To You shirt

'Look At My Chest When I'm Talking To You' shirt worn by Christina Lucci.

Hard to look anywhere else!  GET YOURS


5- Wanna Get Laid (feet soles sex) shirt

Christina Lucci wanna get fuck shirt

Wanna get laid with Christina Lucci? Hell yes!  GET YOURS


6- ADMIT IT: You’d Go To Jail For This jailbait shirt

Christina Lucci big tits jailbait shirt

A very chesty jailbait?! With such boobs, she’s certainly pass the age of consent.  GET YOURS


7- Too Sexy For /s T-Shirt

Christina Lucci too sexy shirt

Too sexy for… everything.  GET YOURS


8- Stop staring at my CHEST (Treasure Chest) T-shirt

Christina Lucci Stop Staring at my Chest funny boobs T-shirt

It would be hard to stare elsewhere. Chest aside…  GET YOURS


9- How ‘Bout Them APPLES? Boobs Joke T-Shirt

Christina Lucci apples boobs tits shirt

Those apples look delicious!  GET YOURS


10- SPOILED T-Shirt

Christina Lucci t-shirts big tits SPOILED

A great gift idea for yourself, a spoiled brat or a big boobies friend. GET YOURS


11- ANGEL or DEVIL Crop Top Tee

Christina Lucci shirt Angel or Devil tee

She looks like an angel for sure… With a body built for sin. GET YOURS


12- Christina Model Nice Hooters Wet T-Shirt Show

Christina Lucci Nice Hooters shirt

Yes, this is a Wet T-Shirt show!  SEE IT 👀


13- Christina Model Beach Girl Wet T-Shirt Show

Christina Model Beach Girl Wet T-Shirt

Another Christina Model wet T-shirt in a bubble bath.  SEE IT 👀



Christina Lucci shirts.

What about shirtless?!

Christina Model Lucci topless tits boobs

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