Best Britney Spears T-Shirts.

For many years, world-famous singer Britney Spears has been a style icon, and her wardrobe choices have frequently made news. The t-shirt is one item that Britney has been seen wearing regularly. Britney has embraced the slogan t-shirt as a fun and humorous way to make a statement, from casual performances to red carpets.

We’ll look at some of the best slogan t-shirts worn by Britney Spears in this blog post. These t-shirts, which range from vintage styles to more contemporary releases, highlight Britney’s distinct sense of fashion and her capacity to make a statement through her clothing choices.

Britney Spears is known for wearing an array of funny slogan T-Shirts over the years. And as you’ll see, she wore a couple of naughty nsfw shirts too.


1- I Am The American Dream T-Shirt

I Am The American Dream Britney Spears t-shirt.

You too can fully live the American dream.  GET ONE


2- We Are All Dreamers T-Shirt

We Are All Dreamers Britney Spears shirt.

A great following for the American Dream. We are all dreamers! In fact it is to support the Dream Act, an act to protect undocumented children in the United States.  Read More   GET ONE


3- I Like Nice Boys I Love Bad Boys (Front + Back) shirt

Britney Spears I Like Nice Boys I Love Bad Boys shirt.

I Like Nice Boys I Love Bad Boys shirt. And yes she did. GET ONE


4- MILF In Training shirt

Britney Spears MILF In Training shirt.

Britney Spears is actually a MILF. And yes she is!  GET ONE


5- I’M A VIRGIN (but this is an old t-shirt) shirt

Britney Spears I'm A Virgin This Is An Old Shirt shirt.

There is no doubt about this one.   GET ONE


6- Do You Wanna KISS shirt

Britney Spears Do You Wanna KISS shirt.

Yes I do!  GET ONE


7- Move Bitch shirt

Britney Spears Move Bitch shirt.

If you want a bitch to get out of your way. This is the shirt you should wear.  GET ONE


8- FUCK shirt

Britney Spears fuck tank top.

Self-explaining. No comment.  GET ONE



Britney Spears THE BIGGER THE BETTER shirt.

Maybe it’s about her boobs?! If it’s the case, I agree.  GET ONE


10- I Heart Punk Shirt

I Heart Punk Britney Spears shirt.

Where the fuck is Travis Barker when you need him?  GET ONE


11- Brunettes Are So Hot Right Now T-Shirt

Britney Spear Brunettes Are So Hot Right Now shirt.

It was the brief time when Britney was brunette.  GET ONE


12- I Want Candy

Britney Spears I WANT CANDY t-shirt.

We all want candy.  GET ONE


13- The One I Love T-Shirt

Britney Spears The One I Love t-shirt.

Who is it?  GET ONE


14- Surf All Day Dance All Night shirt

Surf All Day Dance All Night crop top shirt as worn by Britney Spears.

I have a hard time imagining Britney Spears on a surf?!  GET ONE


15- I’m Allergic to Mornings sweatshirt

Britney Spears Allergic to Mornings sweatshirt.
Credits: Miguel Aguilar, © PacificCoastNews.

Believe me you’re not the only oneGET ONE


16- I Have the Golden Ticket tank top

Britney Spears I Have The Golden Ticket shirt.

‘I Have the Golden Ticket’ tank top as worn by a pregnant Britney SpearsGET ONE





A fn’ great T-shirt to wear if you’re a Heavy Metal fan with some affinity with Britney.  GET ONE


Overall, Britney Spears has demonstrated repeatedly that she is an expert at slogan t-shirts. Britney has embraced the slogan t-shirt as a means to make a fashion statement and express her distinct sense of style, from blatant declarations to more subtly nodded references to her own work. There’s no disputing that singer Britney Spears understands how to rock a slogan t-shirt, whether you like her songs or just admire her style choices.




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