Best Axl Rose T-Shirts

Best Axl Rose T-Shirts.

Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose became notorious for his kick-ass music, his bad temper, his excesses, and his cool t-shirts.

Here are the Top 10 (maybe more) T-Shirt worn by W. Axl Rose, frontman of Guns N’ Roses.


1- Charles Manson T-Shirts

Axl Rose Charles Manson T-Shirt Guns N Roses gnr.

What would this list be without the iconic Charles Manson T-Shirts?! T-Shirt with a ‘S’ because he wore many of them. Nothing better than wearing the face of crazy cult leader/serial killer on your shirt to be edgy and create controversy. Read moreBUY YOURS


2- Nobody Knows I’m A Lesbian T-Shirt

Axl Rose - Nobody Knows I'm A Lesbian t-shirt.

Since Axl Rose is an anagram for oral sex. We can understand why Axl loved this t-shirt so much. Read moreBUY YOURS.


3- KILL YOUR IDOLS Jesus Christ T-Shirt

Axl Rose KILL YOUR IDOLS Jesus Christ T-Shirt.

From Charles Manson to Jesus Christ. From one extreme to another… The two faces he used to wear during the Use Your Illusion Tour in the 1990s. Read moreBUY YOURS


4- Let’s Get Social T-Shirt

Axl Rose Lets Get Social T-Shirt Guns N Roses.

I like this T-shirt for its uniqueness and originality. Read moreBUY YOURS



Axl Rose Shit Happens shirt.

A classic and an emblematic shirt that Axl Rose used to wear during the Appetite For Destruction era when Guns N’ Roses was at its peak. Read moreBUY YOURS


6- St. LOUIS SUCKS T-Shirt

Axl Rose St Louis Sucks T-Shirt as seen in Dead Horse GNR music video.

After causing one among other riots and turning the city upside down, Axl dared to wear a T-shirt with the slogan St. Louis Sucks on it. And “Fuck You, St. Louis!” was in the Thank You notes of GNR’s albums Use Your Illusion I & II. Read moreBUY YOURS


7- No MARTYR T-Shirt

Axl Rose anti martyr t-shirt.

Another unique tee that Axl Rose wear during the Use Your Illusion Tour in the glorious 90s. Read moreBUY YOURS


8- Jesus Christ Portrait T-Shirt

Axl Rose Jesus Christ Portrait T-Shirt Guns N Roses.

I love this shirt! Not that I’m a spiritual person, not at all, but I’ve always been attracted to religious icons and imageries. I guess it’s the same thing for Axl. Read moreBUY YOURS


9- HUSTLER T-Shirt

Axl Rose HUSTLER T-Shirt Guns N Roses gnr.

Not particularly original but a stable in the wardrobe any self-respected sleaze rocker of the 80s. I guess it was the Hustler porn magazine official shirt?! Read moreBUY YOURS


10- Our Lady Of Guadalupe T-Shirt

Axl Rose Santa Guadelupe t-shirt Guns N Roses.

Another religious icon that I appreciate just like Axl did. Read moreBUY YOURS


11- Keith Richards Drug Free America T-Shirt

Axl Rose Keith Richards Drug Free America t-shirt.

Another of my favorite T-shirts ever, there are so many! Read moreBUY YOURS


12- Who Ate All The Pussy shirt

Who Ate All The Pussy shirt Axl Rose Guns N Roses

Who Ate All The Pussy? GET YOURS



Oral Sex Is An Anagram For Oral Sex & Axl Rose Oral Sex Anagram T-Shirts

Axl Rose Oral Sex Anagram t-shirts as worn by fan groupies.

As worn by two groupies eager to please.  Read moreBUY YOURS



More Axl Rose T-Shirts

Stay tuned for more!



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