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From 1979-1983, lifelong wrestling fan and comedian Andy Kaufman Kaufman wrestled women during his act and proclaimed himself “Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion of the World”. He offered a $1,000 prize to any woman who could pin him.
Kaufman wrestled an estimated number of 60 to over 400 women (his most publicized match was against Playboy playmate Susan Smith in 1981). He retired undefeated. Except for one loss, where he was facing 6 women at once (not a reverse gangbang unfortunately for good ole Andy) in a Chippendale Club in Los Angeles.


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He then became famous for his feud against Jerry “The King” Lawler in Memphis, Tennessee.



Andy Kaufman wrestling shirt.


Meanwhile, Kaufman would continue to defend the Inter-Gender Championship in the Mid-South Coliseum and offered an extra prize, other than the $1,000: that if he were pinned, the woman who pinned him would get to marry him and that Kaufman would also shave his head. 
The risk of married him, that’s maybe the reason why he retired undefeated.
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As seen in the mag article below, Andy Kaufman loved to antagonize the wrestling audience, loved to get hate mail, and loved to be the villain, the heel, the bad guy. And yes he was, Andy Kaufman became the most hated man in Memphis, Tennessee. And also one of its biggest attraction ever.
Andy Kaufman Wrestling Shirt.


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