THE WEEKLY DIGEST (2024-01-27)

The Weekly Digest


This week was all about:

  1. Taylor Swift taking on the entire football team🏈(It is what you think it is)
  2. Stephanie McMahon kinky stuff 2003🤤
  3. Too many memes to count 🤪


This Week’s Last 25 New Posts:


Make Money Not Friends. An excellent New Year’s Resolution! But not as good as subscribing...

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I HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER I Also Have An Axe A Shovel And An Alibi t-shirt

Creepy as hell. The guy looks like a psychopath / serial killer. He wears a ...

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Mona Lisa x

Or maybe should we call it PYGOD x Leonardo da Vinci? I’ve got the easy...

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NEWSLETTER #62: CUNT Era crop top☠️ Trump bathrobe😳 boxer flashing boobs🥊

This week features: A popular crop top shirt☠️ Trump in bathrobe😳 boxing boobs flashing🥊and thousands...

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GIRLS INVENTED PUNK ROCK shirt – Addison Rae 2023

Girls Invented Punk Rock shirt as worn by Addison Rae.  

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Passive Aggressive Hippie

You Want A Peace Of Me pun t-shirt  

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I Give Zero FUCKS And I Got ZERO Chill In Me sweatshirt – Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj

I Give Zero FUCKS And I Got ZERO Chill In Me sweatshirts and merch made...

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FAKKU shirt Miso Tokki

FAKKU means fuck in Japanese Miso Tokki 🐰 smiling rabbit 🐰      ...

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MEGA MILK X FAKKU – Momokun X Miso Tokki

What a lovely duo! 💕 Momokun wears the Mega Milk shirt and Miso Tokki wears...

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Robert Oberst Deadlifting Is Not A Crime shirt

Deadlifting Is Not A Crime shirt as worn by strongman Robert Oberst  

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Strongman Martins Licis BARBELL t-shirt

BARBELL T-Shirt as worn by Martins Licis. Up to 5XL size for super strongmen.  

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Stephanie McMahon 2003

It’s not our style to send traffic elsewhere, but this one worth it.  

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Taylor Swift NFL Football Games

When you’re watching NFL Football to see Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift Sunday Night Football theme....

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Guy sold a kidney for a worthless monkey jpeg… 🐒

At least, he is now part of a community. 😂😉  

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Hate Your Job Try Astral Projection

Astral projection is a method of attaining an out of body experience often reported during...

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I Only Date Doctors

What about Dr Pepper?  

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Bigfoot Wisdom 🤣

KNOWLEDGE is knowing Bigfoot is real WISDOM is wanting to fuck him 🤣  

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