Silicon Valley Erlich Best T-Shirts

Erlich Silicon Valley Best T-Shirts

Erlich Bachman, the Ultimate Fashion Icon of HBO Silicon Valley TV show.

With a collection of T-Shirts that make the envy of every science geek and wannabe tech billionaire in the making.

Here are some…

Silicon Valley Erlich Best T-Shirts

Then some more that we will explore one by one.

Maybe in some kind of order from the coolest, funniest and/or nerdiest?! Whatever.


1- “HOW YA LIKE MEOW” Cat with Glasses T-Shirt

Silicon Valley TJ Miller How Ya Like Meow t-shirt

Maybe not his most popular shirt but a personal favorite nonetheless. I love cats and all animals.


2- I Know H.T.M.L. (How To Meet Ladies) T-Shirt

I Know HTML t-shirt Silicon Valley erlich.

This one is a classic nerdy shirt. Eh, wait a minute… Just like many other on this list. 


3- Nintendium (Nintendo Periodic Table) T-shirt

Nintendium Silicon Valley Elrich t-shirt

Nerdy with a touch of vintage nostalgia. The good old days of the Nintendo video game. When Playstation was just a distant rival…


4- Bitcoin in Binary T-Shirt

Erlich Bachman Binary Bitcoin shirt Silicon Valley

Crypto nerd extraordinary tee shirt. Billionaire Bitcoin maximalist / evangelist Michael Saylor probably wears one under his dress shirt.


5- NEVER FORGET Floppy Disk T-Shirt

Silicon Valley Erlich NEVER FORGET Floppy Diskt-shirt
Just like the Nintendo tee, this one is another wonderful vintage / nostalgia artifact of the nerdom.


6- The other HTML T-Shirt

Erlich Silicon Valley HTML t-shirt How To Meet Ladies

This one is orange with yellow text on it. The joke was so “great” that they needed to make another shirt with it.


7- Low Battery / Low Energy T-Shirt


Erlich Low Battery shirt HBO Silicon Valley

Personally, this is the bland one of the list of cool Erlich’s shirts.



Please, keep your shirt on.

Erlich looks better with a shirt on.gif
With his flabby and pasty white physique, Erlich looks better with a shirt on.

What do you think?


Best Of…


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