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Largest Online Platforms With No Ownership

No ownership of anything means little risk and higher profit margins, Uber Capitalism at it’s...

Bill Gates Microsoft weiner

Mine would be GigaHard. 😂

🥽Apple Vision Pro vs Cartier Buffs🕶️

What about Cartier Vision Pro or Apple x Cartier?

🤑Tech Billionaire Popsicles

Eat The Rich popsicles created by MSCHF, an American art collective based in Brooklyn, New...

MONEY is Calling – Accept or Ignore jacket meme

MONEY is Calling Decline Accept Message Remind Me

Vitalik Buterin T-shirt | SATOSHI IS BLACK

If we believe Vitalik Buterin’s t-shirt. Satoshi is alive and Black! Shocking news! Join the...

THE PRINCE OF CRYPTO HAS CONCERNS Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin Fights To Fix The World He Created By Andrew R Chow Shirt

Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum was on the cover of March 2022 TIME magazine....

Vitalik Mood T-Shirt

The genius being the creation of Ethereum (second largest crypto after Bitcoin) Vitalik Buterin is...