Rob Gorodetsky GAMBLR hat

Rob Gorodetsky GAMBLR hat

Rob Gorodetsky. The guy was billed as the future of gambling by the USA Today.

He used to run a handicapping website offering monthly packages with picks for subscribers who were charged either $500 for a month or $1,000 for a three-month period.

Claimed to win 60 to 65 percent of his bets.

His entourage were confident that he could emerge as America’s leading sports bettor and sell his advice to gamblers across the country. When that type of gambling goes legal everywhere.

“When it goes legal, we’re going to be billionaires. We’re the No. 1 entity, and we’re going to have a market share of at least 5% of a $150 billion industry.’’ – One of his cronies

$7.5 BILLION!!! That’s a lot of doughs for a sports betting advisor?!

His entourage included a financial manager (why would a self-appointed sports betting/stock market expert and compulsive spender would need or listen to someone to manage his finance?); a pickup artist (sounds more like a glorified pimp) and an enforcer (to protect his ass against… read the rest of this post).

Rob Gorodetsky GAMBLR white hat.

Claimed to have a $3 Million bankroll.

Routinely used to bet $100K on any kind of sports games on “guts instinct” without knowing any player. Sounds like he has some kind of Nostradamus inaccuracy power of predicting the future?!

Spending money head over heels.

Losing $1.1 Million at the blackjack tables. But used it as an “edge” since he had “no fear of losing”. Sounds like a not-so-good investment strategy.

But his million dollars lifestyle eventually caught up to him…

Swindled a sucker investor out of $9.6 Million. It seem that this single investor overestimated the integrity and stock market/sports betting expertise of Gorodatsky.

In fact, the sucker/investor was financing Gorodatsky’s high roller lifestyle. Between July 2014 and November 2017, instead of “investing”, Gorodatsky spent more than $2.2 Million on travel, entertainment, a Rolls Royce, a Bentley, two Lamborghinis and $324,000 worth of bling jewelry. And most likely losing the rest on what he promised to do successfully: betting and trading. It seems that he was clueless at both. But he was damn good at looking like a successful gambler and getting people to throw money at him.

The fake gambling guru and flashy Instagram “influencer” ends up with a prison sentence of 28 months.


He Sucks at Gambling!
He has as much integrity as a $5 whore!!
But at least, he wears a cool hat!!!


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