NEWSLETTER #3: Go To Bed with Mötorhead, Fuck You Kanye, Best Axl Rose T-Shirts and more fun

Axl Rose, Motorhead, Fuck You Kanye.

Axl Rose best tees, Go To Bed With Motorhead (drummer) “Philthy Animal” Phil Taylor, and Fuck You Kanye.

Fuck You Kanye white t-shirt meme.

A controversial, bad taste meme from 2010s more relevant than ever these days… The kid in wheelchair wearing a FUCK YOU KANYE White T-Shirt.

The first of a long ‘Best Of’ series…

Best Axl Rose T-Shirts.

💀Best Axl Rose T-Shirts💀


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I don’t know why this T-shirt post is so popular…


Have a nice week! 😉

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