WHERE’S IZZY sign as seen in Guns N’ Roses Don’t Cry music video

Where's Izzy Guns N Roses Don't Cry music video

Clean and sober since 1990, tired by the crazy antics of Axl Rose being Axl Rose (i.e. an asshole) and not fitting anymore with the drugs and alcohol debauchery of Slash and Duff McKagan. 

Izzy Stradlin left Guns N’ Roses on November 7, 1991 at the height of their fame and at the end of the band’s European Use Your Illusion Tour. Use Your Illusions I & II were at the top of the charts and “Don’t Cry” was their newest single. Stradlin played his last show with Guns N’ Roses was on August 31, 1991 at Wembley Stadium in London.

When you’re fucked up, you’re more likely to put up with things you wouldn’t normally put up with.
— Izzy Stradlin


Where's Izzy sign Guns N Roses Don't Cry video GIF

His departure from the band was emphasized in the “Don’t Cry” music video with a WHERE’S IZZY sign on the back of ??. Sign (no pun intended) that the band didn’t held a grudge against him and would probably like to see him back. I guess?? Unfortunately, original GNR’s drummer Steven Adler didn’t get the same treatment.

However, just like they did with Steven, they tried to cut down Izzy’s royalties.

This is right before I left – demoting me to some lower position. They were gonna cut my percentage of royalties down. I was like, ‘Fuck you! I’ve been there from Day One. Why should I do that? Fuck you, I’ll go play the Whisky.’ That’s what happened. It was utterly insane.
— Izzy Stradlin


Izzy Stradlin Missing Milk Carton as seen in Guns N Roses video Live and Let Die

Izzy Stradlin also made a brief, barely noticeable,appearance as a missing person on a milk carton in the video for GN’R’s next single “Live and Let Die“.

Did they really missed him that much?!

I can admit that we hated Izzy. He didn’t quit directly; he sent a letter of resignation to the accountants and management and stuff.
— Slash, a year after Izzy’s resignation


Izzy Stradlin Guns N Roses

Izzy also declined to take part of the giga-million dollars 60% Guns N’ Roses Reunion Not in This Lifetime… Tour.

The reason?

Didn’t want to split the loot equally
— Izzy Stradlin about The GNR Reunion Tour


Instead they he (Axl) hired a Izzy Stradlin doppelganger in the person of Richard Foetus (intentional misspelling).

Richard Fortus looks like Izzy Stradlin
Who’s who? Where’s Izzy?


Damn! I’ve almost forgot!

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