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Hipster Record Collectors

World’s Biggest Record Collection Zero Freitas (over 6 million records)

You think your record collection is impressive? Think twice. Here above, Brazilian business magnate Zero Freitas owns the World’s Biggest Record Collection, over 8 million records. His time was focused on two things: expanding his business empire and his record collection. The two grown at the same time. Since you need a shitload of money to buy, store, and archive millions of records.


Brad Miocevich built a home for his 30K record collection. Wonderful!


Now let’s get back to Earth.

Here below I will make fun of ‘hipster record collectors’. If you recognize yourself in the following bullet points. Don’t take it personally.

Since myself, I’m a proud ‘collector’ — I don’t think I can qualify as a collector with only six records. But I have hundreds of cassettes, dozens of CDs, and a couple used vinyl records. A shitloads of porn VHS and wrestling magazines. Maybe I’m a collector after all? — of *SEALED* Steel Panther studio albums in the vinyl record format. And I’m monitoring their value on a weekly basis including it into my net worth. My initial meager collection of four sealed Steel Panther records tripled in value since 2020. 🤑

I’m somewhat fascinated by record collections. Furthermore appreciate vinyl covers as Masterpieces of Art just like a Billionaire appreciate his Picasso paintings on his walls – and the write-off on his taxes. So I keep my records sealed and hanged to the wall. 😅

So I’m guilty of 4 deadly sins that excommunicate me permanently from the elitist vinyl community.

  1. I keep my records sealed and hang them to my bedroom wall in fancy frames. I listen to my music on YouTube. (I will probably receive death threats from the vinyl community).😢 
  2. I consider my sealed vinyl records as a financial asset.
  3. Steel Panther is probably frowned upon by most vinyl elitists. (Fuck you! They are the best.) I’ve been raised on heavy metal, pro wrestling and porn. So I can’t help it.
  4. I kept the very worst for the last. I DON’T HAVE A TURNTABLE!!! Nor do I intend to get one in the near future. Since I don’t want to open any of my beloved Steel Panther records. (At this point, the vinyl community elitists are already want me dead.)

I guess that make me one of a kind among the vinyl community. I’ve never considered myself to be apart of any community. Nor do they want me anywhere near.


Now than I’ve confessed my deadly sins. And gave you plenty of reasons to hate me and wish me to burn in hell with my sealed Steel Panther record collection.

Let me introduce you to my brief expose of the dreaded ‘hipster record collectors’ aka vinyl community.


Nothing is all black or all white. Just like the “average record collector”, I’m buying $30+ records to only listens them on YouTube. 😂


Hipster Vinyl Collector

Hipster record collectors are a subculture of vinyl enthusiasts who are often associated with a particular aesthetic, fashion sense, and taste in music. Here is a compilation of information that can be found on the topic of hipster record collectors:

  1. Hipster record collectors often seek out obscure and rare vinyl records that are not mainstream. This search for unique and unusual music aligns with the hipster ethos of rejecting mainstream culture in favor of niche interests.
  2. The most prized records in a hipster collector’s collection are often the ones that are most rare or difficult to find. These records hold a special value beyond their musical content, as they represent a part of the collector’s identity and interests.
  3. Hipster record collectors are known for their attention to detail when it comes to the condition and quality of their records. They often seek out records that are in excellent condition, and may even invest in expensive cleaning and maintenance equipment to keep their records in top shape.
  4. While hipster record collectors may be stereotyped as being obsessed with vintage music, they are also interested in contemporary music and actively seek out new releases on vinyl. This suggests that hipster record collecting is not solely a nostalgia-driven hobby, but rather a way to engage with music in a tactile and immersive way.
  5. Hipster record collectors may also be interested in the visual and tactile aspects of vinyl records, including album art, liner notes, and packaging. Collectors may seek out limited edition or colored vinyl releases, which often feature unique artwork or packaging.
  6. The value of vinyl records can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including rarity, condition, and demand. Hipster record collectors may be willing to pay a premium for rare or highly sought-after releases, further emphasizing the importance of uniqueness and exclusivity within the subculture.

In conclusion, hipster record collectors are a diverse and passionate group of vinyl enthusiasts who prioritize uniqueness, quality, and aesthetic appeal when it comes to their collections. Whether they are seeking out rare vintage records or new releases on vinyl, hipster record collectors share a love of music and a desire to engage with it in a meaningful way. 😜


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