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Ben Dover Plumbing 💩

Dealing with your shit 24-7. Your Brown is our Green. Call 1-800-EAT-7448 (SHIT)

Time to Log Off 💩😂🤣


🤣 Tuesday’s Memes: 🚽 Toilet Humor 💩

Nothing better that some gross toilet humor to start this brand new weekly edition, Tuesday’s...

🤢 When You Fart Real Nasty And…

Or go in bathroom after you dump. 💩

Ozzy Osbourne – Diarrhea Of A Madman

Ozzy Osbourne’s real life tour story. 💩

For All Who May Be Having A Bad Day…

It Can Always Be Worse.💩

2 Girls 1 Cup💩

2 Girls 1 Cup Netflix remake – Both Amber Heard and Mia Khalifa are method...