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Led Zeppelin occult symbols meaning

Led Zeppelin IV ad

Led Zeppelin satanism
Here’s the meaning and signification of each of the occult symbols in Led Zeppelin IV.

It was a big deal in the 70s and 80s. Particularly during the Satanic panic! 



For those who don’t want to watch the full video (I haven’t myself).

Here are the meaning of each 4 (5) symbols in a few words.

Led Zeppelin symbols meaning

Nothing particularly outrageous here, I’m somewhat disappointed.

Did you know that Jimmy Page is a recovered catholic?

Now, what about listening to some Led Zeppelin backwards!?

The devil made me do it! 😈


Led Zeppelin Satanic backmasking

Led Zeppelin occult symbols 1971

It was a wet dream for a troubled child like me attending a Catholic school during the Satanic panic.

Through I’ve never been a Led Zeppelin fan, it was enough to put them on my Heavy Metal initiation list of bands. At least, the ones listed in a teen music magazine.

  • Iron Maiden
  • Ozzy Osbourner
  • Mötley Crüe
  • KISS
  • Twisted Sister
  • Quiet Riot
  • AC/DC
  • Black Sabbath
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Venom

forbidden fruit

It was the forbidden fruit that I wanted.
And the music was awesome!


Here are the lyrics written:

Plaaaay backwards,
Hear why its sung here, oppositioner..
Allll on track, all arriving
They all sing, and they are one.
Shall I loathe you now, parishoner?
Oh hear Him, Christian within me.
It stirs my sin; the river,
Oh, she swells with our lousiness.
All my life will end for him?
We’re all out of signs,
I know I’m sorta shocked
To hear The Lord,
My God now will save me!
Oh I will n’er be saved,
Because I live with Satan..
One wish today;
That you’ll all pray for
Three who will make it here late.
Pray now and you’ll see..
The ‘Lord’ turned me on,
But, oh, I was the shaggy fool..
Clothed in agony,
Lost at a height.
There’s no escaping it,
Nor his woes..
So here’s to my Sweet Satan.
The one who’s little path would make me sad, whose power is satan.
He’ll give you 666.
There was a little toolshed, where he made us suffer sad Satan.
“Family won’t get loose,
They’re offered me”
Always soothes the worker.
Always will be as we know now
“I see ruins,” said he,
“the world they offered me?
Who wished the Lord’s fall”
If we lose feather,
Say you’ll save me!

And no wimps can bend the rules..
And no wimps can do..

Hunt next to the shore,
‘Cause they see all from there,
See here’s the news,
Who walks with mute grief!
Perhaps no-one found thee…
“Heavy, lift me out,”
Spake the Reve,
“Someday, failed, we’ll lose one line-up,
They’ve gotta leave forsaken”

And no wimps can do..
And no wimps can do…

He, who say the lords
Thoth have our laws,
Maat must be superb. Mass is ended..
Over there,
He who should learn thee.
Any moot that serves by my sworn music,
I wish it with snow be shushed, All for my mass’s sake.
Hear why its sung,
here, oppositioner, Ohh..
He who should show
May make his show worthy,
To look, for us, odd.. sickly,
There’s one chance – take his show.
Hold thy head,
Hear why its sung here. oppositioner.
Who owns this earth built below?
Oh sweet Israel…


It’s sound great even backward!

Did you know that Jimmy Page is a recovered catholic?


Led Zeppelin Occult Symbols Meaning

Led Zeppelin four occult symbols on the inside sleeve of Led Zeppelin's fourth album



Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page RECOVERING CATHOLIC t-shirt

The term “recovering Catholic” is used by some former practicing Catholics to describe their religious status. The use of the term implies that the person considers their former Catholicism to have been a negative influence on their life, one to be “recovered” from.

Jimmy Page was raised a Catholic but was he ever a “practising” Catholic? I don’t think so!

Jimmy Page’s fascination with occult religions was evident as he owned an occult bookstore, Aleister Crowley’s Boleskine House, in the ’70s. During that era, Led Zeppelin’s use of occult imagery and lyrics was a significant aspect that contributed to their classification as one of the pioneering Heavy Metal bands alongside Black Sabbath and Deep Purple.

Some say that listening to Stairway to Heaven backwards is quite interesting…

Jimmy Page most likely wore this shirt as a mockery of the Catholic religion.

Jimmy Page RECOVERING CATHOLIC shirt Robert Plant - Denton Show 1994 Australia



Jimmy Page & Robert Plant – Denton Show 1994 (Australia) promoting their Unledded release No Quarter. Page/Plant performs Black Dog and Sun Arise.