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Our Founding Mothers

Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Nicole Richie

Paris Hilton School Yearbook Photo in 10th grade, 1996

Is it “You Don’t Matter Give Up” or “You Matter Don’t Give Up”? Pick one.


Paris Hilton is known for her iconic fashion style, and her slogan tees have become...

Paris Hilton TOO PRETTY FOR A JOB shirt

Too Pretty for a Job shirt as worn by Paris Hilton 👄 Join the PYGear.com...

Paris Hilton Iconic Cum Shirt

This Was The ONLY Shirt I Had With No CUM On It as worn by...

Nicky Hilton I heart Nueva York shirt

I Heart Nueva York t-shirt as worn by Nicky Hilton. The Spanish version of the...

Paris Hilton I Speak Fluent French Hermes Chanel Dior Saint Laurent shirt

Paris Hilton ‘I Speak Fluent French Hermes Chanel Dior Saint Laurent’ shirt     DRESS...

Paris Hilton Trophy Wife sweater


I HAVE NO TITS Kendall Jenner Paris Hilton Stephanie Warren

Who’s lying?   Kendall & Paris or Stephanie?