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Jared Leto Highest Paid Model Salaries hoodie

Jared Leto highest paid models salary hoodie

The names and salaries of America’s highest-paid models: Kendall Jenner ($22 million), Gisele Bündchen ($17.5 million), Chrissy Teigen ($13.5 million), Adriana Lima ($10.5 million) and Gigi Hadid ($9.5 million) with the footnote credits “Five highest paid model salaries as reported by Time.”

Personally, I like this design. It’s an out of the box idea. A really good and original  idea. Some wimps were offended by this shirt that they qualify as being sexist??? Au contraire, I would say that showing the million dollar salaries of those models is women’s empowerment.

However, on the flip side, if Jared Leto did it to call them out. I don’t see the point. He earns a lot of money too. I don’t see why these women shouldn’t be able to earn more money than he does?

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