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So Fuckin’ HIGH and Wasted…🥴

Even the mirror don’t know what the fuck is going on…😵‍💫

Who Remembers Quaaludes?!?

A better question would be: Who Knows What Quaaludes Are?!?   Quaalude Rorer 714 (Lemmon)...

🪦 Snorting Coke Off Rick James’ Tombstone 💯

I am sure it’s what he would have wanted!!😂🤣 

Billy Idol was a real Rock Star

In 1989, Billy Idol held a 3-week long party in a Thai hotel. He apparently...

Married, Till Meth Do Us Part.

Memes are supposed to be funny but this one is down right creepy.

Methheads Wedding

This monstrosity is more suited for Halloween than any other days of the year.