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25 Years in Prison for $1 BILLION

Would you go 25 years to prison for $1 Billion dollars? HELL NO!!!   FYI,...


Ghetto Fabulous

The dude either got ghetto rich via crypto, drug dealing or hip hop.

Stock Investor vs Crypto Investor

Here, the term “investor” is loosely used.

📈Three Investeers: Satoshi Buffett Soros

Three Investeers is actually a stock market simulator game. Buffett Soros Nakamoto Management 📈 Now...

Long term investor vs strategic investor vs YOLO investor

Long term investor Warren Buffett Strategic investor Elon Musk YOLO investor Maybe You

Pentagon Hexagon Octagon MoneyGone📉

A sad reality than many crypto traders, day traders, and NFT buyers have to face.📉

Guy sold a kidney for a worthless monkey jpeg… 🐒

At least, he is now part of a community. 😂😉  

Crypto Meme. Which Path Do You Choose?

If only I could predict the future 😒 Join the PYGear.com Community!