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Chinese Spy Balloon Joe Biden

Chinese Spy Balloon Joe Biden. PYGear.com

Here’s some merch about the Chinese spy balloon and how Joe Biden handled the situation. And the diplomatic scrumble that resulted from it.

As of February 15, 2023, the news is rife with reports that President Joe Biden failed to handle the Chinese spy balloons that entered US airspace. President Biden and his administration were supposedly aware of the spy balloons nearly a week before the news broke out, yet they kept it a secret from the American public.

The House Republican Committee on the Judiciary has tweeted that President Biden knew about the Chinese spy balloons but failed to handle them effectively, and even tried to hide it from the American public. The news has stirred controversy and raised questions about the President’s handling of the issue. Many people are asking what President Biden did to address the situation and why he kept the incident hidden from the American people.

Apparently, the administration was afraid that the news would derail Secretary of State Blinken’s visit to Beijing. However, that decision has backfired as the revelation has caused a diplomatic embarrassment for the US. The Chinese government has denied any knowledge of the spy balloons and has accused the US of making baseless accusations.

In light of these developments, many people are calling for an investigation into the matter. The failure of the Biden administration to handle the spy balloons has been seen as a significant security breach, and the secrecy surrounding the incident has been viewed as a cover-up.

It is worth noting that the incident has sparked discussions about the US-China relationship and the state of national security. Some experts believe that the spy balloons could be part of a broader Chinese espionage campaign aimed at gathering intelligence about the US military’s capabilities and weaknesses. Others argue that this is just a minor incident that should not be blown out of proportion.

In conclusion, the issue of how Joe Biden handled the Chinese spy balloons remains a matter of controversy and speculation. While the President and his administration have been accused of failing to handle the incident effectively, there is still much that is unknown about what happened and why. As the story develops, it is important to keep an open mind and seek out accurate information from reputable sources.

Better to laugh than cry. 🎈


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