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The Facebook team laughing at my meme before hitting the ban button

F🤬 Facebook’s censorship.  Will never happens here on PYGear.com

🚬 You Know What They Call A Cigarette in Britain?

FAG Fuck Facebook.  PYGear.com is a censorship free zone.

The Joys of Facebook posting

Your account has been banned for 30 days. 😅🖕

X – Freedom Of Speech

True as long as you don’t fuck with Taylor Swift 🏈

Conservative old farts vs Liberal snowflakes

Conservative old farts vs. Liberal snowflakes.  A quite similar pain in the ass! Different ideology....

No PMRC T-Shirt

No PMRC sign. Anti P.M.R.C (Parents Music Resource Center) 1980s vintage tee. The PMRC, short...

The Power of Freedom of Speech: A Cornerstone of Democracy

In a world where ideas, opinions, and beliefs shape our society, freedom of speech stands...

Challenging the Negative Impact of Cancel Culture: Preserving Free Speech and Promoting Constructive Dialogue

In recent years, the phenomenon known as “cancel culture” has sparked intense debates and controversy...

Censored First Amendment shirt worn by Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) at the PMRC audit

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise...


FREE SPEECH is what we are all fighting for. HANDS OFF my internet, asshole! Spread...