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420 BRO Riddle shirt

420 BRO Riddle shirt. PYGear.com

420 BRO shirt Matt Riddle wwe

Matt Riddle is a legit pothead as much as a legit ass kicker. Riddle was fired from the UFC after testing positive for smoking marijuana.

Matt riddle ended his MMA career with a record of 8 wins 3 losses and 2 no-contest after testing positive for canabis. Chill Bro!  🤙


420 BRO Riddle with Liv Morgan. PYGear.com

420 BRO Riddle shirt as worn by Matt Riddle. Great gift idea for wwe Riddle pro wrestling fans and for any weed smokers, wrestling fan or not. Any cool and chill pothead will love this tee!


420 BRO

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Alex Ovechkin smokes weed?!

Alex Ovechkin weed leaf shirt. PYGear.com
Alex Ovechkin wearing a ‘Weed Leaf’ black t-shirt while posing with 9 hot women.

When you are a multimillionaire NHL star like Alex Ovechkin. It doesn’t matter if you have a crooked nose and a missing front tooth, you are a chick magnet anyway!