Redneck Law Enforcement – You Got To Do What You Got To Do Featuring Chuck Norris Action Jeans

You Got To Do What You Got To Do - Redneck Law Enforcement.

Cutoff jeans shorts and cowboy boots will forever be a winning combo.

As said on their T-shirts: You Got To Do – What You Got To Do‘.

Don’t laugh, “The Ultimate Male Icon” Chuck Norris used to sold them. Cowboy boots not included.

Chuck Norris action pants jeans shorts.


The full version of the Chuck Norris Action Jeans.

Chuck Norris action pants jeans.


The same jeans worn by Patrick Swayze in Road House (1989)

Road House kicking GIF

Chuck Norris still wears Action Jeans.

Chuck Norris Martial Arts Action Jeans 1985.
Credits: Black Belt magazine circa 1985

Chuck Norris Action Jeans.

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From Action Pants to Depend…

Chuck Norris from Action Pants to Depend
Credits: Getty Images



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