Parental Advisory Explicit Content shirt

Parental Advisory Explicit Content T-shirt
Parental Advisory Explicit Content

In my view, this is the best and coolest T-shirt you can get. My personal favorite

  • In 1985, when Heavy Metal music was profane, satanic and over-the-top. 
  • The PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center) aka the Washington Wives aka a bunch of politician’s wives with too much leisure time and a strong desire to impose their view of the world upon everyone else.
  • The Washington Wives were led by Tipper Gore, wife of Al Gore. 
  • The PMRC / Washington Wives mission was to suppress any music containing profane lyrics, obscene sexuality, violence, alcohol and drugs reference, and occult satanic lyrics. Which mean all cool music!
  • The United States Senate, financing their wives crusade with taxpayer Money, agreed on an hearing in a supreme attempt to suppress “porn rock” forever.
  • The best way that Tipper and the Congress find to suppress “porn rock” forever was to oblige record companies to put a Parental Advisory sticker on each and every music record containing offensive to provide a warning “to prospective purchasers of sexually explicit or other potentially offensive content.”
  • Then the Parental Advisory warning label AKA Tipper Sticker was officially created as the ultimate weapon to suppress the evil influence of rock music on our children.
  • However, their repressive effort backfired as the Tipper Sticker became a stamp of coolness that every kid look up to before buying any kind of music. 
  • This sticker was made to advertise that a music album was cool. Thank you Tipper Gore! Thank you P.M.R.C. (Parents Music Resource Center)! You created, unknowingly, the coolest logo, label, sign ever made
  • Here is the coolest T-shirt ever made, the one that every music lovers should own. The Tipper Sticker T-shirt.

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