LEMMY WHO? t-shirt as worn by Lemmy Kilmister himself

Lemmy Who t-shirt as worn by Lemmy himself


3 pictures to give you an idea about who the fuck Lemmy was.

Lemmy posing with porn stars and groupies

Lemmy fucked about 1,200 women…


Lemmy Jack Daniels and Coke drinker

For most of his life, Lemmy was on a diet of a bottle of Jack Daniels and two packs of cigarettes a day.

He also had a fondness for speed (amphetamine), his favorite drug.


Just like Ozzy, Lemmy is one of the Gods of Heavy Metal!

Lemmy Kilmister Ozzy Osbourne Hellraiser
Lemmy & Ozzy – Hellraiser 30th anniversary


Now do you have an idea who Lemmy was?


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