Your Perfect Match 🚩

Hobosexual is a person who has sex with strangers to prevent homelessness. They’re also called...

Eating Out a Pregnant Girl

That a traumatic event and an instant PTSD case.

Methheads Wedding

This monstrosity is more suited for Halloween than any other days of the year. 

☠️ Bob Ross was the Most Prolific Serial Killer who ever lived

Bob Ross painted an estimated 30,000 paintings during his lifetime. Which would make him a...

S.O.D. x Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger slashing Scott Ian, also member of one of the Big 4 thrash metal...

Heavy Metal and Horror link – Robert Englund quote

Freddy Krueger x Dokken is just too great to be ignored.  The connection was so...

🎃 Taylor Swift Chucky doll

Taylor Swift is even hot as a Chucky doll.💯

Think twice before joining

I knew joining would be a bad idea.😱