Hi my dear friends,

Here’s the story about PYGear.com in a few bullet points.

  • The adventure started in July 11, 2005 after a life-altering event that definitely started my lifelong entrepreneurship quest.
  • Then I started creating my own T-shirts to promote my online businesses. I haven’t wore anything else ever since.
  • My first official online presence was/is PYGOD.COM (my name) established in June 20, 2006.
  • I started selling T-shirts online in 2007.
  • I created PYGear.com on April 11, 2012 to promote the T-shirts and merch I was creating and selling on other platforms.
  • After losing one of my main stream of income, I was forced to go on my own. In July 28, 2022, I’ve turned my promotional blog PYGear.com into an independent and censorship-free online platform (store/blog/newsletter). The best thing that could ever happens to me!

Notwithstanding the fact that PYGear.com is specialized in selling novelty, hilarious, unpolitically correct, and as worn by celebrities T-shirts and merch.

Here is the vanity clothing brand of PYGear.com. If there is such a thing.

The official PYGear.com Collection.

The only clothes I wore these days. A more classy and professional look than the dozens of graphic tees (my creations) that I used to wear not so long ago.

Blending edginess with embroidered preppy clothes suited for golf courses, the Ivy league or to raise hell unsuspiciously.

With the same excellent products and customer service.


Founder/MFCEO/CCSO of PYGear.com