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Best DUFF McKAGAN T-Shirts

Best DUFF McKAGAN T-Shirts GNR. PYGear.com

After doing the T-Shirts wardrobe of two members of Guns N’ Roses

Here are the Best DUFF McKAGAN T-Shirts.



Duff McKagan NO FUCKS GIVEN shirt. PYGear.com
‘No Fucks Given’ cut-off shirt as worn by Duff McKaganBUY ONE


2- No Today SATAN T-Shirt

Not today satan Duff GNR T-Shirt. PYGear.com

Another cut-off tee. Badass rock stars are into the habit to seemingly cutting off their shirts with a chainsaw.  BUY ONE


3- In Memory Of I Don’t Remember T-Shirt

Duff McKagan In Memory Of I Dont Remember shirt. PYGear.com

What about a In Memory Of I Don’t Give A Fuck” T-Shirt? Much better!   BUY ONE


4- Slut shirt

Duff McKagan SLUT t-shirt GNR. PYGear.com

Slut shirt also worn by Lemmy of Mötorhead BUY ONE



WOMEN'S MARCH cut-off t-shirt as worn by Duff McKagan onstage during the Guns N' Roses 'Not In This Lifetime...' tour. PYGear.com

WOMEN’S MARCH cut-off t-shirt as worn by Duff McKagan onstage during the Guns N’ Roses ‘Not In This Lifetime…’ tour. A changed man isn’t he?!  BUY ONE



RockNRoll MotherFucker Duff McKagan shirt. PYGear.com

Without a doubt, Duff McKagan is a Rock N’ Roll MotherFucker just like Slash.  BUY ONE


7- And On The 8th Day GOD Created Harley Davidson T-Shirt

Duff McKagan Harley Davidson t-shirt. PYGear.com

I absolutely love this tee shirt as seen in Guns N’ Roses music video Paradise City.  BUY ONE


8- S.W.A Sleazy With Attitude tank top

Sleazy With Attitude shirt Duff McKagan Guns N Roses. PYGear.com

Guns N’ Roses is most likely one of the forefathers of Sleaze Metal. BUY ONE


9- No Way Get Fucked Fuck Off shirt


No way, get fucked, fuck off! It can’t be any clearer. A fancy way to say go fuck yourself… BUY ONE


Stay tuned for more!