THE WEEKLY DIGEST (2024-02-03)

The Weekly Digest

This week was all about:

  1. LEGO Cannabis
  2. Whale penises 
  3. and many more

This Week’s Last 25 New Posts:

Frank hat NINJA EXPERT 30 Rock

NINJA EXPERT hat as seen in 30 Rock     🧢 30 Rock Frank Rossitano...

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Martha Stewart x Snoop Dogg Marketing

EZ Reach – The Ultimate Lighter indeed

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Momokun Peachy cosplay BREED ME shirt

Breed Me Master Breeder Kink Fetish Impregnation Breeding Fantasy shirt as worn by sexy cosplay...

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ANCIENT VIAGRA (Whale Penises)

No prescription required. As seen at the Penis Museum. No joke!  

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The Penis Museum in Reykjavik

The Icelandic Phallological Museum (Hið Íslenzka Reðasafn) The world’s only genuine penis museum, The Icelandic...

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NEWSLETTER #63: Ice Spice gyat😍 legal scam⚠️ bombastic tees and merch👕

This week features: A legal scam⚠️ a shitload of bombastic tees and merch👕 and due...

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Sit N’ Sip Refillable Piss Chair

The following certainly taste better than piss.🍷  

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FIRST DATE Bound & Gagged

Damsel in distress…   

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Pregnancy Test Result – Not pregnant just fat 😂

Maybe she would prefer to be pregnant 😂  

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Coca Cola BlowJob meme

Can’t Beat the Feeling. — 1988 Coca Cola slogan 😂  

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There is no such thing as a penis museum. Apparently, there is a one official...

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Dog Weiner Crayola

What about these colours I like the “accidental” anal amarillo. Should have been brown however.😉

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Money💰 Food🥘 Sleep🛏️

I guess we all love Money, food, sleep… And skanky hoes just like Drake does....

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I’m Leaving You With The Baby

Of course, thank you 😂  

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Ice Spice gyat

You asked for Ice Spice gyat. I serve you Ice Spice gyat on a silver...

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Cardi B “I Feel Like Britney Spears” shirt | Put It On Da Floor Again music video

Cardi B wearing a “I Feel Like Britney Spears” shirt for Latto’s Put It On...

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2007 Britney Spears

  Unraveling the Britney Spears 2007 Breakdown: A Closer Look at a Troubled Time Introduction:...

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Subtitles = Katy Perry’s cleavage 👀

Katy Perry’s cleavage is just like subtitles in a movie. You just can’t look anywhere...

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Ugly Selfie 😂

It was about time! 😂  

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Fucking PASSWORDS 🤬🤬🤬

Damn, I hate those fucking PASSWORDS!!! 🤬🤬🤬  

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